Waste & Recycling Industry Bids, Proposals and Strategy

Numbers and their Relationships

Managers are often challenged with the problem of relating physical actions to numbers. Many proposals have gone sideways simply because a "spreadsheet whiz" sequestered himself or herself behind a closed door in order to produce numbers that have little relation to reality.

LBC can help. Many years of industry experience and success can benefit your enterprise.

People Matter

Managers regularly need to ask how their people contribute to their organization. With years of experience providing leadership, Tom can help you evaluate, educate, engage, empower and encourage your people. It starts with your people and their relationship's with each other to improve your company's productivity. Team work is key!

Deal Making/Acquisitions and Divestitures

Often doing an acquisition or a divestiture can be distracting. Deals are hard work. It starts with a strategic evaluation, followed with a courtship between the parties and then some solid negotiating. Sometimes the best deals are the ones that aren't done. It takes a solid evaluation to make that determination. Once the deal is done, integration is often an enormous task and fraught with challenges.   Tom at LBC loves working a good deal. This makes LBC a great resource at any stage of deal development or execution.

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